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In Australia, we have such an outstanding photographer in the wedding industry! – Sydney Wedding Photography

Aries Tao - awarding Sydney pre-wedding photographer

In Australia, we have such an outstanding photographer in the wedding industry!

He is an outstanding learner and the most casual photographer

In high school, he was the highest award winner of Australian Westpac National High School Mathematics Competition; at university, he received first class honour Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New South Wales as an undergraduate graduate; with outstanding achievement, he took full scholarship and successfully completed PhD from Department of Computer Science, Macquarie University; with his outstanding professional performance, he has served as a lecturer in the university since he was a PhD candidate.

However, he also has a delicate sensibility and hegemony of the literary side.

Because of his father as a photographer, he grew up in love with the feeling of capturing images behind the camera. During his study, he was quite “casual”, saving the scholarships and teaching subsidies to purchase equipment. Almost all after school time was used to study photography. By chance, he came into the wedding photography area and found that it is a very sacred profession, being able to share and record the moment of happiness of new couples while at work, digesting the scene into his own heart. Also, to use the camera to create various pieces of artwork is a wonderful thing with heavy responsibility. Since then, he fell in love with the profession of wedding photography.

rising virgo + outstanding learner + character of literary sensibility + crazy photographer = a photographer with extreme care for detail, technology and emotion

In 2012 he founded Clover Image, when the embryonic form of Clover was born. In the early days, Clover did not have decent shops or a lot of beautiful wedding dresses, but by his perseverance and professional insistence on details, as well as his personal maverick style of photography, many customers were still attracted to allow him to provide wedding photography service on their most important day.

He has a super ability in learning, and requests the whole team to do their best. In just four years, he led the Clover team to sweep the major international competitions with the highest real value. Until now he has won over 100 international awards.

Only in 2016 he won 30 international awards, including 18 awards (including two gold awards) from WPPI Annual Competition, the Oscars in the photography industry, 12 awards (including one gold award) from AsiaWPA. He represents the Chinese Australian photographer to achieve many accomplishments for the first time in major international competitions.

He is currently the Chinese Australian photographer with the most awards, representing the highest level in wedding photography among Chinese Australian photographers.

He is Aries Tao.

Although Aries has received many international awards, and recognition and appreciation by almost 100% of his customers, he still wants to continue to make breakthroughs and challenge the new height.

Let alone eat and sleep, he spent all his time in learning, and this attitude completely influences the work attitude of the whole Clover team.  All staff at Clover often work overtime, get up early and stay up all night, which are quite common for them. Everyone’s goal is to create a more perfect work and provide more quality service for customers who give us their trust.

In 2016, he set himself a new goal of pursuing MPA, the Master Photographers Association. MPA was founded in 1952 as the UK’s oldest non-profit professional photographer certification body. For more than 60 years MPA has always been committed to using strict industry standards to provide an authoritative assessment platform for professional photographers to review their own strength and get corresponding support and guidance.

MPA uses a three-level certification system to assess a professional photographer in experience, technology and achievements of different accomplishments: Licentiate (LMPA), Associate (AMPA) and Fellow (FMPA)

MAP assessment has become one of the benchmarks of the professional standards and artistic attainments of professional photographers in the industry. Countless professional photographers are keen to find it out.

From preparing to sending artworks to the overseas review site, Aries used just less than six months, and within three months he passed LMPA, and was promoted to AMPA along the way. He has become Australia’s first and the only Chinese Australian wedding photographer who completed grading twice within one year.

The success of this grading test is not only a great affirmation of Aries’ artistic achievements, but also a great compliment to the entire Clover team. We thank all customers who have given us support over the years. Without your trust and so many wonderful moments, there will not be so many hard-won awards!

We hope Aries can continue to follow his own style of fun, warm-heartedness and dedication, and we look forward to the more surprises he is to bring us!


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