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Pre Wedding & Wedding Photography FAQs

1. What is Clover Image’s style?

We are very proud of our signature fine art photography style as it captures the memorable moments in a perfect structure, beautiful lighting and well-managed posing. However, your big day should be all about you. So let us know more about you and your preference in the photo style, and we always love to add something different to make your day shine.

2. Do you offer interstate or overseas destination shoot?

Yes, even we are based in Sydney, we always travel around the world to discover epic spots for the beautiful photo shoot. We don’t have a fixed schedule for travelling each year, but our clients always bring some unique ideas to inspiring us. And such destination shooting only need to add a thrifty travel cost. For more details, please contact us via email.

3. Do you provide transportation on the shooting day?

Yes, our photographer will pick you up from our studio and drive you through the entire photo session with no additional charge. Enjoy the journey with us and relax with the beautiful view on the way.

4. Do you have a second plan for a bad weather day?

First, we will check the hourly weather forecast one or two days before the shooting day, and ask your opinion if the weather turns bad. You could also keep eyes on the weather forecast and reschedule your photo shoot in anytime before the planned shooting day for free.

For wedding day photo shoot, don’t worry, we had lots of experience in different weather. We rock in the rain, well-managed with lots of clouds and we don’t scare of darkness.

5. Do you provide makeup and gown renting service for the pre-wedding photo shoot?

Yes, the pre-wedding photography service already includes makeup for the couple and wedding gown renting for the bride. We strongly recommend our groom to prepare 1-2 set of fitted suits for the pre-wedding photo session as it will show your best looking in the photos.

6. What is the average turn-over time for the entire service?

You can expect to receive your album and all retouched photos in about 12 weeks from your shooting day. However, the delivery time can be varied based on different client’s personal schedule and plan.

7. Any hidden cost on top of your price?

No, our price is transparent, and there is no additional cost for the service and products included in our package.

8. If I want to make a booking with Clover Image, how fast do you suggest I should secure the date?

Our availability is limited, so please contact us first to confirm we are still available on the date of your mind. We recommend our wedding clients to make the booking at least 6 months in advance.