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2017 victory in the first battle – Sydney Wedding Photography

Aries Tao - awarding Sydney pre-wedding photographer

2017 victory in the first battle

We would like to share the joy of the first victory in 2017.

The star photographers of Clover Image are absolutely the most amazing.

After winning various international awards, they are still diligent in studying photography technology and style, to make further breakthroughs and build their own style.

But Clover photographers’ ability is far more than that.


In 2016-2017 AsiaWPA Annual Photography Summit and Award Ceremony, Clover Image won the first victory in 2017, which is the best gift of the New Year!

AsiaWPA, the leading wedding photographer association in Asia, is a team based in Hong Kong with leading wedding photographers in Asia. The association aims to promote the interaction of wedding photographers in Asia and enhance their level and status. AsiaWPA looks for and position Asia’s best wedding photographers based on their work, reputation in the industry, customer and other peer feedback.

AsiaWPA adopts a rigorous review process to select Asia’s outstanding wedding photographers. One of the top members, “Top Wedding Photographer” can only be invited by AsiaWPA to join, or “Elite Members”, who have earned a certain number of awards in the annual photography competition, will also be invited to join as a top photographer.

“Elite Members” is the intermediate member standard only for “Ordinary Members” who have won a certain number of points through the annual photography competition.

As an entry level, AsiaWPA encourages photographers to join as “Ordinary Members” and enjoy the privilege of signing up for seminars and workshops organized by the association for improving their own photography skills and enhancing their own aesthetic grade. Similarly, ordinary members will be eligible to participate in the annual photography competition and receive award points at the same time. Ordinary members can also be qualified in the case of promotion for “Elite Members”, starting their journey to become top photographers!

In the 2016-2017 AsiaWPA Annual Photography Summit and Award Ceremony held in early 2017 in Hong Kong, the Clover Image team shined once again. Let’s look at the Clover star photographer team!


Clover Image pride, Australia’s first AsiaWPA Top Wedding Photographer

In Australian Chinese wedding photography industry, everyone knows Aries Tao, nicknamed “Tao Zi”. He can be as handsome as Donnie Yen (a Chinese Kung Fu movie star), and as funny as Feng Gong (a famous Chinese comedian). As Australia’s first Chinese Australian photographer invited by AsiaWPA to become the Top Wedding Photographer, he is undeniably a representative of outstanding photographers in the Chinese Australian photographer industry.

In this annual AsiaWPA competition, Aries won 10 Excellence Awards and 2 Distinction Awards with his strong personal charm and professionalism. He also won the third prize in the Ceremony & Reception category, and second prize in the Engagement category. Throughout the year, Aries won a total of 24 awards in AsiaWPA, including all prizes from the first to the third, and so can be called the first Grand Slam photographer at AsiaWPA in Australia.

What is more exciting is that after fierce rivalry, Aries Tao was selected as the 2016-2017 AsiaWPA Top 20 Wedding Photographer, and was named AsiaWPA’s Top Member for his outstanding performance in the annual competition.

A New Generation of Photographer in Australia

Clover Image’s new star Min! She looks like a small girl from Guangdong province, but has a determined heart like someone from the northeast China. She is innocent, lovely and silent, but she will only smile when customers see her artwork and give her full praise. As Australia’s first Chinese female photographer to win so many international awards, she is not proud, but is working toward a higher goal. Her style is that doing is always better than talking.

After winning 5 major awards at AsiaWPA in the first half year, Min continued to make efforts and won 6 awards in the annual competition, including a Distinction Award and 5 Excellence Awards. A year down with 11 awards in hand – this indeed adds a row full of pride for our Clover honour wall!


The most valuable photographer at Clover Image

Simon, nicknamed “Simon Master”, is always a low-key and luxury spokesperson. When our three photographers walk together, strangers would think that the other two are Simon’s assistants, which shows his strong invincible presence. As an experienced photographer in the Sydney Chinese photography industry, he despises fame and fortune only for this cavity hobby. Although he looks strong with a burly stature, he has a very meticulous inner world. Our popular and adorably sweet fresh artworks are all from Simon. In Addition, he can transfer freely between this style and blockbusters.

Simon usually does not participate in competitions, but in the 2016 WPPI online competition, he won the third place, which was the only Chinese Australian photographer in Sydney area who won a prize in that competition. This year he participated in the AsiaWPA competition for the first time and won 3 awards, which was really great!


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